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輝く女性に贈る、ちょっと贅沢なご褒美旅「旅色 Seasonal Style」 Tabiiro
(Beautiful Journeys)

Travel guides for the adult woman. Spectacular photography, vivid writing, amazing destinations.
大人の女性の旅をナビゲートする、トラベルウェブマガジン「旅色 TABIIRO」 Tabiiro
(Beautiful Journeys)

Travel guides for the adult woman. Spectacular photography, vivid writing, amazing destinations.
手のひらサイズの、EC連動型スマホファッション誌「GINGER mirror」 GINGER mirror
GINGER mirror is a mobile-compatible web magazine produced by the staff of the GINGER women's magazine. GINGER provides the information that women need to be in style and in comfort for every season.
日本の未来もあかるくする「株式会社ネクシィーズ エネルギー環境事業」 LED Rental Service
Nexyz. Energy and Environment Division

Japan's first LED rental service. LED lights let clients reduce electricity costs by more than 85%. Perfect for restaurants, retail shops, beauty salons, and more.
A personal lifestyle design magazine.
Your own style, your own way.
From interior design to apartment hunting, Madream helps you create a living environment that matches your own unique style. After all, the key to living a sophisticated life day to day is making your surroundings reflect your style. Madream offers design suggestions and ideas for living on your own terms.
次代を創る情熱リーダーのための電子雑誌「SUPER CEO」 Super CEO
Unique insights into business and leadership from a new generation of Japan's CEOs. Part samurai, part gunslinger, part explorer. All Japanese.
Brangista Game 「神の手」 Brangista Game
Kami no Te ("Hand of God")

Brangista Game Inc., in conjunction with general producer Yasushi Akimoto, has released Kami no Te ("Hand of God"), a 3D world-building crane game app for smartphones, integrating both the real and virtual worlds.
大人男のドラマチックを演出するファッションウェブマガジン「GOODA(グーダ)」 GOODA
Fashion for the professional man. GOODA knows that clothes don't necessary make the man, but they can certainly make an impression that lasts.
 政治・経済が好きになる電子雑誌「政経電論」 Seikei Denron
(Politics and Business Online)

Interviews and more with Japan's top political and business leaders. The stories behind the story, told by the newsmakers themselves.
新卒採用2018 Nexyz.Group is Hiring New Graduates
See the latest Nexyz.Group employment information. (Japanese only)
結婚式をもっとドラマチックに! Bon Mariage
For a more memorable wedding!
Wedding Planning Magazine
30代の女性に向けたトータル ビューティー マガジン「MALENA」 MALENA
Total Beauty Magazine
Anti-aging information for women in their 30s.
ワクワクする旅情報が見つかる! 「旅色プラス」 Tabiiro plus
キャリア女性のマネーライフを提案する電子雑誌「美人財布[ビジンザイフ]」 BijinZaifu
(Smart Money for Career Women)

Smart Money for Career Women. Tips on balancing the professional and the personal, with a dose of good advice to make effective money decisions.
ペットと私の新感覚ウェブマガジン「puppine(パピーヌ)」 puppine
A new kind of online magazine for people who love their pets. Pet fashion, training, lifestyle, and more from pet lovers for pet lovers.
楽しさ広がる!快適ネットライフをはじめよう!「Nexyz.BB」 Nexyz.BB
Broadband ISP Operations, Telemarketing

Optical fiber, ADSL, Mobile Internet at high speeds and reasonable rates. Fast, safe, and secure, supported by the legendary Nexyz. customer service.
売れるアイデアを提案。CRMソリューションサービス「ECサポート」 Solutions Service EC Support
Take advantage of the experience of more than 2,000 companies. Let us help your company build and run a powerful ecommerce engine that grows your business.
きもの着付けなど、日本の伝統文化を学ぶ「ハクビ総合学院(株式会社ハクビ)」 Hakubi Corporation
Hakubi teaches the joy and grace of wearing the Japanese kimono, an inseparable part of Japan's unique culture of heartfelt service.
テレマーケティングを活用した金融商品仲介業「株式会社ネクシィーズ・トレード」 Nexyz.TRADE
Trade stocks online through SBI Securities, with the help of Nexyz.TRADE. This joint venture between Nexyz.Corporation (TSE, First Section) and SBI Securities helps new customers set up a trading account and learn that art and science that is online trading. Nexyz.TRADE makes sure new account holders get a clear understanding of the sometimes-difficult world of stocks and online trading. All free of charge to the account holder.
すべての人は美しくなれる「株式会社 DiNA(ディーナ)」 DiNA
Everyone is beautiful.
Health consulting through personal DNA analysis.
「一般社団法人パッションリーダーズ」 Passion Leaders
Japan's leading professional networking group. Inspiring Japan's business leaders to aim high and make meaningful contributions to society.
パッションリーダーズ アントレプレナー Passion Leaders Entrepreneur
The entrepreneurs that are changing the future.
本気の若者を本気で応援するスポーツ支援プロジェクト「一般社団法人ホシノドリームズプロジェクト」 Hoshino Dreams Project
Strength through sports.
Supporting Japan's youth who are chasing their dreams through sports.
オペラ歌手 中丸 三千繪 Michie Nakamaru Support Group
Promoting the Diva's music throughout her native Japan.
学生必見!情熱社員たちの毎日を伝える「ネクシィーズ人事担当者ブログ」 Nexyz.Days
Nexyz.Group Corporation human resources department blog. Openings for new graduates and inside information into what's happening Next and Nexyz.
「近藤太香巳 オフィシャルfacebook」 Takami Kondo's Official Facebook Page
Follow Nexyz.Group Corporation CEO & Group Representative Takami Kondo on Facebook.
恋するフォーチュンクッキー ネクシィーズグループ Ver. / AKB48[公式] Koi Suru Fortune Cookie
A promotional video from the Nexyz Group employees around Japan, featuring famous Nexyz supports such as Senichi Hoshino (pro baseball manager), Toru Kenjo (president of Gentosha), Takenori Hatakeyama (former pro boxing world champion), and Michie Nakamaru (world-famous opera diva).

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