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Message from Takami Kondo, Nexyz.Group CEO & Group Representative

The Shape of Social Evolution: Nexyz. Zero

Nexyz.Group CEO & Group Representative Takami Kondo

When you eliminate the idea of “unaffordable,” you create a more bountiful society.
Nexyz. Zero will accelerate the pace of social evolution.

The Nexyz.Group expands the scope of new value as we focus not on things, but rather on the needs of the times. Our corporate philosophy tells us to deliver excitement and inspiration to our customers and stakeholders. We believe in our ability to find amazing products and services that completely change existing social paradigms. Nexyz. Zero is just such a mechanism for accelerating the adoption of superior products that may be priced out of the reach of many people.

The Nexyz.Group Energy and Environment Division finds solutions to today’s global-scale needs. The division delivers on the potential of energy-conserving products, including LED lights and a variety of other products, quickly moving the best ideas into the markets.

We continue to build fresh paradigms, challenging ourselves to bring the next new norm to the market. Look for great things from the Nexyz.Group in your future.

Takami Kondo
Nexyz.Group CEO & Group Representative
Nexyz.Group Corporation

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