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What is Nexyz.?

Nexyz. is a holding company that takes pride in our strategic planning and execution capabilities. We began 28 years ago as a sales agent for Japan’s major communications companies. Since then, we have developed a number of new businesses of our own, eliminating the need to rely on other companies for product innovation. Today, we have three main business segments that drive our revenues. Our ongoing ability to plan and execute are the two main weapons we use to identify and exploit market trends with new products and services.

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Creating New Services that Leverage our Strengths in Strategy and Execution

Nexyz. Business Segments

Energy and Environment BusinessEnergy and Environment Business

The Energy and Environment Business is home to the Nexyz.Zero line of products and services. Using Nexyz.Zero, customers have access to the latest in LED lighting, commercial refrigeration, HVAC , water conservation equipment, and other products with absolutely zero up-front costs (including free initial installation). The division also conducts customer acquisition and sales activities, and offers internet connection services through Nexyz.BB.

Electronic Media BusinessElectronic Media Business

The Electronic Media Business provides sales support services for corporations, retailers, and sole proprietors across a wide range of business areas. This segment also publishes online magazines and sells Internet-based CRM and financial instrument brokerage services, in addition to traditional outbound telemarketing on a contract basis. The online publishing business continues to expand rapidly, as it adds new titles to its lineup.

Cultural Education BusinessCultural Education Business

The Cultural Education Business manages Hakubi School, which operates kimono dressing classes and sells kimono fabrics and accessories. The long-standing Hakubi Kyoto Kimono Gakuin business teaches classes in kimono dressing, cord braiding, torn paper collage, and other traditional Japanese cultural arts, mainly in the Kanto region of Japan.

Energy and Environment Business, Electronic Media Business, and Cultural Education Business make up the three core revenue drivers for Nexyz.Corporation.

Nexyz.Group Leadership

Nexyz.Group Corporation President Takami Kondo

Takami Kondo is the founder and CEO of Nexyz.Group Corporation. At the age of 19, he took 500,000yen in seed money to launch his first company. At the age of 34, he launched an initial public offering of Nexyz. shares on the Nasdaq Japan exchange (Jasdaq at the time). Three years later, Kondo became the youngest executive to ever list their company’s shares on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange at the time.

Today, Takami Kondo regularly talks to students at Japan’s leading universities, including Waseda University, the University of Tokyo, and Hitotsubashi University. His message? Live and work with passion. In 2006, Kondo was awarded the Japan Venture Award by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

Kondo drives Nexyz. to create new and innovative businesses, including online magazines (travel, wedding, business management, pets, etc.) and DNA analysis and nutritional consulting for health and beauty. You can be sure that Nexyz. will continue to embrace the start-up culture that still burns in the heart of its founder, moving onward into new and exciting businesses.

You can be sure that Nexyz. will continue to embrace the start-up culture that still burns in the heart of its founder, moving onward into new and exciting businesses.

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